Picture of adobe hispano park guellNumerous guests to Barcelona, first time or otherwise, will regularly make the obligatory trip to Park Güell (pronounced very similar to ‘way’ not ‘gwell’ as I have often heard and said myself). Actually I think this is absurd and foolish. Obviously Gaüdi’s work is intriguing and the recreation center does give some great perspectives of the city, yet the crowd of tourists, grafittied cacti and absence of open green space to simply sit and unwind truly ruin the delight in it for me.

Rather, you should make a beeline for Montjuïc, the lavish green parkland, bested by the château ignoring the port and the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the fact that it lingers over the city, it’s all that much overlooked by numerous guests and inhabitants, however I think with its different little gardens, some manicured, others a bit more out of control, the Miro museum hall building, Olympic swimming pool, stadium and facilities it’s one of the city’s most valuable diamonds.

The genuine gem of the recreation center, on the other hand, is La Caseta del Migdia, the outdoors bar that settles under the pine trees a short stroll behind the château. The way that circles the palace, scented by the sweet resemble the pine blended with the smoky smells of the grill, drives you to the outdoors tables, deckchairs and view out to ocean.

Now, I’m not going to kid you that this is an excellent, beautiful and uninterrupted sea view, as the bar is tucked behind the mansion it watches out onto the container port.

However, as you lean back into your seat all you take in are the reasonable blue skies and aquamarine sea beyond the cranes, storage tanks and containers.

Picture of adobe hispano grilled botifarraA plate of grilled botifarra, chicken, salad, toast and sweetcorn is the tucker on offer here, new and good quality it’s a bit on the excessive side at 12€ yet a value that is presumably been computed to take in the setting and the way that this can unquestionably just been a gainful endeavor amid the spring and summer months despite the fact that it is open lasting through the year.

Reggae, soul, funk and laidback tunes, at an appropriate low volume, radiate from the decks and give an immaculate backup to a sun-splashed evening under the branches and beams.


Before you set off, toss a decent book, your camera and a sweater in your pack. Those dazzling perspectives as you scale to the manor, either by walking or by link auto, are unamicable. With respect to the sweater, being over the city, even in summer there can be a cool end up on the slope, you don’t need a couple the shivers to ruin a laidback, Balearic style evening.


Las Caseta del Migdia, Montjuïc Park. “Open Thursday to Sunday all year.”


Walking: The easiest way is to leave Paral.lel and walk up C/Margarit. This prompts a steep slope and around 200 stages which brings you out onto Avinguda de Miramar. At the highest point of the steps, turn left and you will meet the cable car station. From here stroll through the ‘Jardins de Brossa’ until you hit the Carretera de Montjuïc. Walk tough and you will inevitably see the manor and last link auto station. If you remain before the station as though you’ve quite recently leave it, turn right and take after the way round to the back of the stronghold, in the event that you don’t redirect from the way it will bring you out under the pine trees and directly to the bar.

By funicular and cable car: Take the metro to Paral.lel and after that at this station take the funicular up and afterward join the link auto which will take you to the stronghold. The present expense of the link auto is 8€ arrival. From here, turn right out of the link auto station and take after the way round to the back of the stronghold, in the event that you don’t redirect from the way it will bring you out under the pine trees and directly to the bar.

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