bigstock-Plate-With-Taco-Nachos-Chips-42261103Hispanic food is also called Latin American cuisine. This type of food preparation refers to the typical drinks, eatables as well as the preparation styles which are very common to multiple countries in Latin America.

If you are a food lover, then it is a must for you to try out Hispanic foods whenever you get a chance to. Hispanic foods are normally spicy to taste. This is because of the specific spices that are used in the preparation of these foods. These spices would commonly include pebre, chilli, mole, guacamole amongst various others. Even though the spices are commonly used across Latin American countries, the ratio in which they are used differs from country to country and this is what makes every dish taste unique.

The Hispanic cuisine consists of a large variety of delicious dishes and it is actually a mammoth task to whittle the list down to the top 3 best Hispanic foods. Given below are details of three of the most popular Hispanic foods.

1) Enchiladas Verdes

If we go to literally translate the word “enchilada” in English, the closest word to that would be “chilli-fied”. As the English translation itself suggests, an enchilada is a preparation that is to be coated or covered with chilli. They come in different varieties. The most popular among them are the green variant. Green enchiladas are nothing but tortillas made of corn and stuffed with delicious filling. The stuffing normally consists of chicken that has been shredded. This is then smothered completely in green coloured salsa. Added on top are a dash of cream and a handful of white coloured cheese. If you come to look at it, they seem pretty easy to make. However, they are one of the most popular and delicious Hispanic foods available and a must try for any foodie.

2) Pozole

This dish has ancient origins. It is said to have been passed down from the pre-Columbian era. Hominy corn is the main ingredient used to make pozole. Depending on the variety of pozole, this dish is cooked and stewed for multiple hours either with pork or veggies or chicken. The traditional recipe for pozole says that it has to be simmered up overnight. This is mainly so that the hominy corn used softens up really well and also if it is simmered for so long, the meat lends a wonderful flavour to the stew. A variety of spices and herbs can be added to the pozole in order to make different versions. There is more to it. No pozole is complete without toppings. Traditionally when the pozole is served, the bowl is layered with fresh toppings. These toppings could include ingredients like radish, onions, iceberg lettuce etc. Add to it a dash of oregano and lime and you will be in foodie heaven!

3) Tacos al Pastor

Again as the name suggests, the dish is nothing but tacos. However, these are the best tacos that you can find ever. Tacos al Pastor is alternately called by the name “Tacos of the Shepherd”. The meat in the tacos can be anything – pork or chicken, though it usually tends to be pork. It is the preparation that matters. The meat is marinated really well after being seasoned expertly. This is then put into a huge spit where it actually gets cooked. After that, thin slices of the meat are taken out and put on the tacos. They are normally topped with finely chopped onions and pineapple. You could also ask for a dash of lime or some salsa on the side. They taste incredibly delicious!

Happy Eating!

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